Anthropology 101                                                                                                    

Dr. Leanna Wolfe                                                                                                   Fall 2015



Week               Day                  Reading                                      Topic


1                       9/16                 No Links                                      Introduction

                                                Power Pt.: The Global Impact of the Gender Flip

2                        9/21                Was Darwin Wrong?    


                          9/23                NO CLASS - JEWISH HOLIDAY (YOM KIPPUR)                        


3                        9/28                 “The Nature of Romantic Love”


                         9/30                The Laws of Chemistry  (take the quiz)

                                                Power Pt: How the Bough Bends: Users of Donated Gametes


4                       10/5                  Curse and Blessing of the Ghetto


                        10/7                  MIDTERM REVIEW  


5                       10/12                  MIDTERM #1                                      


                         10/14                 ZOO OBSERVATION EXPLAINED    (doc. file)


                        10/17                 CLASS FIELD TRIP - LA ZOO     


6                       10/19                How Animals Do Business  (starts on page 3)

                                                 What Are Friends For?

                                                A Telling Difference


                        10/21                What’s Love Got to Do with it?


7                       10/26                Mothers and Others

                                               The Double Life of Women                                           

                                                Power Pt: Speculations on the Origins of Human Sexual Behavior

                                               Power Pt.: Coming of Age Armenian, Asian and Hispanic


 10/28               “The Five Sexes”  

                         Middlesexes (there are ten segments)         


8                        11/2                 “Adding A Co-Wife”

                                                America’s Fidelity Crisis”

                                               “On Kittens and the Very Invented Culture of Polyamory

                                                 Power Pt: Adding A Co-Wife.                                                                                     

                                                 MIDTERM #2 REVIEW

                                                ZOO OBSERVATION DUE


                           11/4                MIDTERM #2


9                         11/9                New Human Ancestor Species Lived Alongside Lucy’s Species


                          11/11              VETERANS DAY - NO CLASS


10                       11/16               View: Ape to Man @

                           11/18               View: The Real Eve @


11                       11/23              View: Ape Genius @ Click here: PBS Nova S35E12 Ape Genius - YouTube


                          11/25              Hunting the First Hominid

                                                  Made in Savannahstan


12                       11/30               Man the Hunted

                                                 Scavenging of Peking Man


                          12/2                 Rethinking Neanderthals

                                                 Neanderthals Overlapped with Modern Humans...

                                                 The Littlest Human

                                                 Theory of Human Gestation Refuted...                                  


13                        12/7                Skin Deep

                                                How Real is Race?


                           12/9               The Viral Superhighway

                                                The Perfect Plague


14                         12/14             The Inuit Paradox

                                                 Dr. Darwin

                                                Power Pt. Herpes: Folklore, Fear and Realities

                                                FINAL REVIEW


14                     12/16                  FINAL EXAM