Leanna Wolfe                                                                                                                                                                                 
Anthropology 121

Midterm #2 Review

Midterm #2 will cover Stein & Stein chapters 5 – 8, assigned readings, the India, Bali, Eastern Europe and Brazil slide shows as well as the videos Rites of Passage, Strange Beliefs and The Hungry Gods.  Use quizzes 5– 8 to study!  Bring an #882 scantron and a #2 pencil.  Be prepared to write two essays selecting from the following questions.  

1. What are the differences relative to setting and intention that separate ritual drug use and that practiced in secular societies?  Under what conditions might secular drug use expand perception?

2.  How might a shaman use peyote to heal a sick person?

3.  Why did the Aztecs believe they needed to make human sacrifices? What similarities were there between the Aztec worship of Quezacuatl and the Spanish worship of Jesus Christ?

4. How do the Azande conduct a poison oracle séance?  Be sure to discuss the sorts of information offered and how they frame their questions.
5.  Compare and contrast rites of passage in three cultures.
6. What does a Berawan secondary burial involve?  Why is it practiced?

7. What are Spontaneous Memorializations?  What happens?  Why do they occur?

8. How and why are baseball players like Trobriand fishermen?
9. Describe how circumcision (both male and female) functions as an identity marker.