Thumb Cramps


Sabrina Patiño  


       For my cyber field observation I chose to view Anna, and Narek. Anna is an Armenian female, 45 years old who works for a home health as the head nurse. Narek is an Armenian male, age 22 working for LAUSD as a Special Education Teachers Assistant. I found that Anna’s cyber life consists of business affairs, while Narek’s cyber life is based around socializing. Both are satisfied with their cyber culture, and aren't ashamed to be on their phones through out the day.  To complete the cyber field observation I chose both interviews, and observation as my research methods. Anna being a nurse is constantly using her phone for work. Anna sends more texts out in a day then I would in two days. Anna mainly uses her phone to keep up with the nurses at work, either by sending important emails or texting out information on patients or medications. Although Anna is busy she finds time to text her family members and friends during her down time. Anna doesn't have any social media sites because she does not, “Want to be in the pictures. I don't know if people would even be okay with me posting pictures of them. Its all about my personal life, and I’d rather keep that personal.” Anna did mention this comment while laughing but I could tell that she was serious on not knowing if people would accept her sharing a personal life for observation. When Anna surfs the web she is usually looking up medical terms, or is enjoying some online shopping.  


       Narek is the opposite of Anna, he has multiple social media accounts and isn't afraid to share his personal life. Narek enjoys posting pictures of his car, and girlfriend. Narek is usually on his phone when he becomes bored, or as he stated, “Out of impulse.” Narek only uses his email to talk to professors, or individuals pertaining to business. Narek does not make phone calls because he feels, “Comfortable talking in person but usually calling feels weird.” Narek does text his girlfriend, mother, and brother on a daily basis through out his entire day. The only phone calls he receives are from his father, and cousin. After observing these phone calls and asking questions about his father and cousin I found they call him because they are not as savvy with texting. They are more comfortable talking on the phone than sending him a text. Nareks will surf the web to look up a quick definition hear and there, but does not really look up anything.


       Anna and Narek feel that the cyber world culture has definitely helped them. Anna believes, “It’s not good but is effective, since I am busy technology helps me faster than the old ways. But I have noticed it adds a lack of communication skill for some people.” Both Anna and Narek are patient individuals and do not seem to be affected by the cyber world when it comes to waiting. Each of them still contains great person-to-person attributes, and kept eye contact while I was asking them personal questions on their cyber culture. The only difference I noticed in Anna and Narek was their attention span. Narek could not keep focus for very long, without touching his phone, or glancing at it. Anna did not need to touch her phone or glance at it. Anna was content with not being on to for the time being. Cyber culture has enhanced both Narek and Annas social lives. For Narek his social life revolves mainly around his car. Cyber culture has helped advertise his car, and has lead him to new friends with similar interests. Anna believes her social life has stayed in contact through her cyber culture considering she is so busy, it helps her keep everyone updated including herself.   


       If I was to return to observing the cyber field I would definitely focus on how their lives would work without their electronic devices. I would want to know if life would seem simpler to them, or if they noticed any changes in their feelings. I would definitely want to observe them for a longer period to truly observe how life without the cyber culture would be.   




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