Extra Credit Possibilities for Spring 2017


Oral Reports

You can earn 5 points for presenting an oral report on class projects.  These include the field observation, life history interview, cyber field observation, photo field observation, photo inventory, photo interview, and the altered states project.


Additional Class Project

You can do an additional class project for 35 points once you have completed the required two projects.


Service Learning

Volunteer through the LAVC Service Learning Program  or the Pierce College Service Learning

Program and earn up to 20 points.


Kinship Chart (10 points)

Using symbols discussed in class create a kinship chart of at least three generations of your family (grandparents, parents along with aunts and uncles, your generation along with siblings and cousins, and your own children along with nieces and nephews).  Be sure to include a legend that explains your unique use of symbols and terms.  Under each family member, include their first name and kin-name in relationship to you, the EGO of the chart.  You can also include pets and fictive kin.  Finally shade in everyone’s symbol who is related by blood to you.