Luis Antonio Bohorquez


    Starting the day like any other, waking up turning on the computer and heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth while everything boots ups. This is how 20-year-old internet surfer Allan Chuta starts his day. Allan likes to surf the web every day and spends more than half of his day on the computer. He likes how everything is so accessible to him, how he can know what is going on around the world with the press of a button. Although Allan does not use the internet for social media sites such as twitter, tumbler or Instagram, he does participate in anonymous blog sites such as 4chan. He also likes to spend most of his time playing an online game, League of Legends where he usually talks to his team mates In order to complete the objective.


    While I observed Allan, I just sat while he went on and did what he usually does, I would ask questions every so often to find out how he felt or what some things meant. I would not say that this was an interview and more of just observing how he went on with his day with just a few questions to clear or focus on some points. I found out that he uses the internet in a different way than I do, he does not like to save his history on any of his browsers. He also does not use media sites to see what friends are doing rather he uses it just to talk to friends that don’t have phones are home on their computers at the moment. I usually use social media sites to look at videos that friends have shared, I also like to read the many articles that people think are fascinating.


    Allan does not normally text, he only does it when he needs to send information to someone, he does not really like texting since sometimes It can get really tedious to reply to answer questions, he prefers using skype or any other forms of voice chat since he thinks this is the best way to explain things if he is not there in person, he also says it is a lot faster than texting and waiting for a reply that can take up unnecessary time. Overall he would say that texting is probably the worst way to have a conversation unless you are at school and want to send a quick note to a friend.


    Allan does not really use Facebook as a source of information, he only uses it to have conversation and to stay connected to his family. He likes to use a forum website called 4chan for information. He mainly uses it find information on his anime (Japanese cartoons) such as reviews, download links and fan art. Most of the time he does not participate in the conversations but he enjoys reading what everyone is saying. He does participate in the smaller forums on very specific anime related content such as his small community of love live players (Mobile game). He chats with players and works together to get the highest score he can possibly get, he also uses it to sometimes meet up with other fans and have a small movie day where they watch a movie from there series.


    Allan gathers all of his information from websites and other friends that read articles online, he usually speaks to his closest friends every day, they all gather in a chat room and share information that they come across. Mostly all of them like to read different social sites and share information, one of the websites they use is geekology where Cesar Magana uses to see technological advances happening every day or just for funny geeky inventions. Allan Chuta even though he does not say it himself is what the internet would call him as a (Memer) Memes are something that has rapidly been growing in the internet world such examples of old memes are troll face, overly obsessive girlfriend and forever alone guy, people usually add some background words to the pics to make them funny. Allan hates these old memes as he seems them as overused and should never be used again. Even though he Allan was one of the very read about these about 5 years ago when they were barely starting growing but over the years many more memes have appeared and he hates that people use such old memes . Many of the information they gather are memes, Allan and his group share these to see who has found the new hidden gems in memes, sometimes they even create some memes themselves that only there group will know about.


    Allan’s group can sometimes be very toxic to the community of web users, they think very negatively of other people who use old memes or don’t see things as they do. The group consider themselves really intelligent most of them finished all the classes they could have in high school before they graduated, so they look down on the people who they consider not as smart as them. Allan has never said this on any forums but does tell his friends over voice chat what he thinks. Allan says that it is not uncommon for people to be very rude online he states that many people use many swearing words and try to offend as many people as possible. He says “since you are online no one knows who you really so you can say whatever you want and no one can do anything about it.


    Just like there is thousands of things that the internet offers to everyone, everyone has a way to enjoy the internet in thousands of ways. Allan is someone that prefers to use the internet for selective information, entertainment, and communication. He may not send emails, unless a professor asks, and he won’t even text you for a simple conversation but he will talk to you if you join a voice chat room. He finds people with the same interest on forums and will socialize, but will not share the any videos on Facebook.