This project will offers students the opportunity to conduct their own online surveys that explore contemporary morality on topics including belief in a higher power, belief-based dietary restrictions, religious beliefs regarding pre-marital virginity, endogamy and social morality.    To do this project you will need to create a survey monkey account by going to www.surveymonkey.com   If your questionnaire has ten questions or less your account will be free.  You can e-mail the link to your survey to friends and associates as well as post it on social networking sites such as Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram and Twitter.   At least 20 subjects should participate in your survey.   Following the collection of your data, you can use the Survey Monkey software to analyze your results.  You can  team up with up to four researchers and generate a group report.  (Four researchers must have at least 60 subjects responding to their survey.)


Please submit the link to your research site (as well as the site’s username and password) with your completed report.    Class time will be allocated for developing a questionnaire, discussing data collection strategies, and assisting students with data analysis.    To begin your questionnaire you might want to use the questions on this sample site: sample site.


Project Outline:


1. Title Page

2. Introduction

3. Research Methodologies

4. Discussion of Findings (illustrate with data charts)

5. Conclusions

6. Areas for Further Research

6. Bibliography (see bottom of this page)