Anthropology 102                                                                                                                             

Dr. Leanna Wolfe                                                                                                                                 Summer 2017


Links to assigned PowerPoints, Videos and Readings.


Week                  Day       Quiz            Links                                                                  Topics     

1                          6/12         1                 Video: Festival!!                                                  What is Anthropology?

                                                             Video: An Introduction to the discipline of Anthropology

                                                             PPT: Photography Projects

                                                              Video: Two Young Gals Discover America in 1941                                         


                            6/13         2                 Video: Trobriand Cricket                                      Culture


                           6/14         3                The Gringa Studies Machismo                               Fieldwork and Ethnography

                                                            Video: Doing Anthropology

                                                            Ethnocentrism/Cultural Relativism Project Due (Required)                                                                                            


                           6/15           4                Seeing Like an Anthropologist                             Anthropology in Practice

                                                             Sorting Out Sex, Culture and Business in China and Cuba   


                           6/16         5                 PPT: The Culture of Cyber Chat                                                             

                                                             MIDTERM #1 REVIEW                                      Language/Communication


2                         6/19                            MIDTERM #1

                                                            FIRST PROJECT DUE!                                   Oral Reports                                                              


                          6/20          6                PPT: Politics and Culture of Home Sharing            The Global Economy


                          6/21         7                 KINSHIP CHART EXPLAINED                            Kinship, Family & Marriage

                                                            Arranging a Marriage in India                                  

                                                            Studying India’s New Found Courtship with Romantic Love   

                                                            PPT: How the Bough Bends: Users of Donated Gametes


                        6/22         8                   Engaging the Gender Divide in Morocco                  Gender

                                                           PPT: Sex and Culture Project                                                            

                                                           KINSHIP CHART DUE (extra credit)                                     


                       6/23         9                    Adding A Co-Wife                                                Sexuality                           

                                                             PPT: Adding A Co-Wife

                                                            Video: A Polyamorous Couple’s Guide to Sleeping with Multiple Partners

                                                            On Kittens and the Very Invented Culture of Polyamory

                                                            PPT: Changing Perspectives on Sexual Assault

                                                             MIDTERM #2 REVIEW


3                     6/26                                MIDTERM #2

                                                            SECOND PROJECT DUE                                Oral Reports       


                      6/27         10                   No Links                                                               Political Systems        


                      6/28         11                   Video: Gift Society and Basic Income                     Religion and Magic

                                                            Video: Five Insane Burning Man Facts                    Burning Man

                                                             Burning Woman (blog)

                                                             Researching Sex (and Drugs) at Burning Man

                                                             LAST DAY TO TURN IN PROJECTS AND EXTRA CREDIT           


                     6/29           12                  PPT: Negotiating Ethnicity in Malaysia                    Race and Ethnicity                                                                                                                                                   

                                                             Video: Race: Are We So Different?                        World System/Colonialism

                                                            Globalization                                                          Anthropology in a Globalizing World  

                                                             FINAL REVIEW          


                     6/30                                  FINAL EXAM