I offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and expanded families who seek information and suggestions relative to their practice of polyamory, swinging, and multiple partner relationships. Being that this can be a new area for people who have been raised in Western society and have traditionally endeavored to practice monogamy, often information on what else is possible can be difficult to make sense of.  Being trained in Clinical Sexology I also skilled in offering guidance in areas related to partner communication, orgasm, virginity, and intercultural communication.


My fees are as follows:

Phone Consultation: $80/hour; $50/half hour  (Payment in advance via PayPal to LAWolfe@aol.com)
Email: $35/response (Payment in advance via PayPal to LAWolfe@aol.com)
In Person: $80/hour for individuals, couples and families (Pay in-person via cash, personal check)


Do bear in mind that my training is as an educator and a researcher and not as a psychotherapist. If I assess that your issues/concerns would not benefit from the discussion of “what else is possible” and specific suggestions for how to achieve your sexuality and/or relationship goals, I’ll refer you to an appropriately trained psychotherapist.   I do not offer sex-related touch therapies; if you seek to work with a Sexological Body Worker or a Tantric Sex Practitioner I can make referrals.